A COVID Loan Calculator for Business Owners

We couldn’t find a simple, free way for small business owners to gather the information they need to apply for the Paycheck Protection Plan or Economic Disaster loans. So we made one.

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Calculate Your Loan Amounts

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Economic Injury Disaster Loans

You need to calculate your gross revenue and cost of goods sold in order to apply for this loan. We can help you find these numbers.

Paycheck Protection Plan

These applications are processed through banks, and they require quite a bit of information from you. 


This tool was designed for every business owner who needs help. You’re not in this alone.

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Access Your Calculations Easily

Number 1

Select Which Loan You Need Help With

We won’t limit you to one, but they need different information.

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Connect Your QuickBooks or Xero Account

We’ll pull relevant data from your QBO file through a secure connection.

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Finalize Your COVID-19 Loan Report

We’ll walk you through any other information you might need to file. That’s it.

Your business finances are too important to feel unsure about.
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