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Daily Bookkeeping

Automatic transaction classification keeps your books clean, accurate, and reliable so that you can actually use them to make decisions.

Bill Pay

Get paid faster, make payments on time, and seamlessly manage your cash flow.

Charge Card and Expense Management

Simplify expense management with the ScaleFactor Visa Card. See and control spending across your business with our integrated, customizable card system.

ScaleFactor Home Screen

With everything you need to run your business at your fingertips, spend less time organizing your finances and more time putting that data to use.

We Make It Easy to See How Your Business Is Doing

Reports icon

Financial Reports On Demand

When you need them, you’ve got them. Request your financial statements to see how your business did in months past.

Report Insights icon

Real-Time Insights

A custom dashboard and proactive insights help you see how your business is doing right now. Really, right now.

Cash Forecasting icon

Cash Forecasting

Our Cash Vision feature analyzes past spending to predict your future cash flow. No crystal balls. Just lots of math.